Friday, August 15, 2008

The Office

So, The Office is my absolute favorite show and I found a partner to personal swap with and she loves the show too!!! So here is what I made for her....sewnikki if you are reading this ...DON'T!!! Or you will see all your goodies! Oh she also loves cats and pink & black together.

Here we go!

I hand stenciled quilt squares of Office quotes and characters. I cut all of the stencils out of contact paper and then used a sponge brush and fabric paint to transfer the images onto the quilt fabric. I used the skull/tatto fabric because that is something my partner likes and I couldn't find the fabric I wanted to use (paper clips or office related prints).

The entire quilt

Closer view of top half

Closer view of bottom half

Some of the individual squares:

And a slightly obese amigurumi of Dwight Kurt Schrute. He comes complete with short sleeved shirt, ugly tie, nerdy watch, glasses, a beet and a briefcase.

But wait, what is this in his briefcase? A sexual predator flyer, a bobblehead, a Schrute buck and his ridiculously LARGE security threat office name badge/pass!!!

Check him out!!!!

I also made her a punk pink & black kitty.

Gratuitous kitty butt!!!!AAAhhhhh!!!

And a small girly, but fierce ninja!

And that is part of what I have been working lately. I have been a busy beav!


shelly said...

I love it!!!! How long did your quilt take you? Your amis are too funny (love the kitty tush!)

multibeavo said...

The quilt took FOREVER, only because of the extensive amount of cutting involved with all of the different stencils. Once the stencils were done it was super quick since it is only squares. I think it was around 30 hours for the stencil cutting and painting! :) Thanks for looking!