Friday, July 19, 2013


My daughter is obsessed with having me make her dolls and animals to play with.
And as usual I headed on over to Dolls & Daydreams . I had to purchase a pattern of a girl to make my daughter a mini of herself.
This pattern was perfect because it has glasses to make for the dolls.

Here she is with a retro tie dyed dress & funky cute tennis shoes. My daughter picked the striped cherry fabric for her legs because she is always wearing funky patterned knee socks. It worked out perfectly!

Here she is sporting her glasses, a top, a leopard skirt & her maryjanes.

And finally, here they are together.
Long brown hair & matching purple glasses & of course another fancy outfit! 

Oink Oink & Whoo Whoo

I had a lovely return customer ask if I would be able to make her an adorable owl
and a sweet little piggy.
But of course I could!
I hopped on over to Dolls & Daydreams again.
I LOVE her patterns.

The cutest little piggy in her darling red top & denim skirt with matching heart adorned shoes.

Isn't this just the sweetest little owl?
I love the chevron on her legs and her sweet little tennis shoes.
She is just lovely!

A Ruff Life

I have been loving the patterns from Dolls and Daydreams. My nieces and a nephew moved to Okinawa last year and I have been swapping goodies with my lovely sister in law. So I decided to make some gifts for the kiddos. I made them each an adorable dog in their favorite colors.

Three little dogs, red, blue & purple.

Purple puppy sporting a leopard skirt.

Blue puppy in some sock monkey pants.

I LOVE this color combo, it turned out so wonderfully!
I then had someone special order a pup for their newborn grandson. This chap got suited up for his arrival!

Blue & gray pup in a vest and shorts.
The pattern for these pups can be purchased here.