Friday, September 26, 2008

Chicken Bunnies

1st of all, I am NOT taking credit for this pattern. It is NOT mine. I have just made these cuties from the pattern.

That being said, all color choices and handstitching WERE done by me! :)

Here are 2 of da bunnays!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working Mama

A funny thing happened this week. My son asked me if I have a job. The question caught me off guard. I told him, "Well, yes, I have MANY jobs, I just DON'T get paid for any of them!". Funny, yet completely true. And of course my oldest saw the look on my face when I was asked this question and proceeded to list for his brother all of my many "jobs".
Hopefully I will have pics of the capes and masks and bags up here by tomorrow night. They are almost done. Also the bunnies need their ears sewn on and their faces embroidered, I stuffed em' all REAL good last night! Hee hee hee Yes, I'm a dork and making myself laugh right now!
Some more recent projects. One of my favorites is this shark hat from a free pattern at BZ Crochet. Here is the link to the free pattern.

All of the little boys are getting these for Christmas this year!
This is a painting I did for an Easter Swap this year.
Peeps ROCK!
And last but not least, my favorite onesie that I have made so far.
Pac-man & ghosts!
So cool!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Market Day Update

Market Day is next Saturday, Sept. 27 from 10am-3pm at the Shilling Center on Kadena Air Base. Come on out and support the crafty people. Buy handmade for Christmas, buy handmade for baby gifts, just buy handmade. :) My friend Sara and I will have halloween costumes for kids for sale, handmade, of course!

Sara will also be available for custom baby sling orders. And as always I will have a table full of cuteness. I am working on some really soft fleece bunnies with long ears that are totally huggable and squeezable! I am gonna TRY to finish up some ninja bunnies this week to add to my table also. No new amigurumis this month as I am working numerous custom orders right now, but as soon as I am done with those orders, I will have fresh amis available!

Please tell all your friends here in Okinawa to come on down to Market Day. Buy your Christmas gifts early. :)

Hope to see you all there!

I will only be able to take a limited amount of custom orders before Christmas, so if you are wanting to place an order please do so soon. :)
Also, anything not sold at Market Day will be added to my etsy shop on Sept 27 or 28.

And for anyone who visits my site to see fun stuff I have made here are a few things I have made this past year....

Super Soft & Sweet Ninja Fleece Bunnies

Custom Ordered Squid
*(currently working on writing out a pattern)*
I have made a TON of these bunnies, but these 3 have to be my all time favorites!
Lavendar Bunny Pattern from
As always thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sickly Feeling

Stinking weather is making me feel like I am catching a cold, or maybe the kids brought it home from school for me. I hate being sick and I am not as productive when I am sick. And I don't mind the rain, we needed it, but the fact that it stays dry for months and then decides to dump lakes and oceans on us all in the span of a few days... Come on! And dumb me, who has lived here for 3 years, still hasn't bought myself a raincoat. The kids each have one, but not me. Apparently I like being wet and having to change clothes after running errands! Ha ha ha

Anyway, I wasn't feeling well, but needed to do SOMETHING. So I finished this super cute hat. It is the puffy slouch hat that everyone has been making. It is so cool and I have been saving my "good" yarn for just such a project. I used Patons SWS (soy/wool), it is soft and the color changes look amazing on this hat! Almost like this yarn was made with this hat in mind! I may have a seriously hard time parting with this rockin' hat!
Miss Leia says, "Leave me alone Mom, I'm tired!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Camo Baby Rattles

Okay, so I am trying to come up with new ideas for my Market Day table. And so my cutesy Camo Baby baby rattles were born. The design is an original by me and I used bdu fabrics from Air Force uniforms for the front and a super soft neutral fleece polka dots for the back. I also added a jingle ball so it makes noise to stimulate baby!
Onto the cuteness!!!

And a super sweet pink ninja bunny, just cause!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Huge Response to The Office Quilt

So, I posted my Office Quilt on and the response was HUGE! Everyone loved it! YAY! I still have the stencils and hope they are still useable. I had made one zipper pouch with dwight on it from a leftover block from the quilt and am now thinking maybe I should do more to put in my etsy shop. I think it would be a super cool idea and it would spread the office love! Ha ha ha!!
On another note, the stinky BX still hasn't gotten Season 4 of The Offcie in yet even though it came out a week or 2 ago! Talk about making me suffer!!!! I NEED IT!!!!!! Hee hee hee
Well, off to work on more crafty stuff, I should be posting pics of some bunnies I made from a pattern someone posted on of these super cute bunnies. Hubby & I call them chicken bunnies, cause their buns & thighs look like chickens!!
Keep checking back for more updates and hopefully after Market Day Sept 27th, I will have more things added to my etsy shop!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Quilts

I haven't made a quilt in a long time, like almost 2 years in fact. I have been working on smaller projects and I don't have alot of room to set up my ironing board in this house. But I was asked by a friend to make 2 baby quilts for people she worked with. I think they turned out rather well.
Obviously the blue one took forever with all the small squares, but I love it. And the pooh quilt has some really cute subtle embroidery on the border.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keyfob Madness

Between all my special orders, I am TRYING to make things to fill my table for the upcoming Market Day. There seemed to be some interest in my keyfobs last time, but I only had 2 made for last month. So I spent all my free time yesterday ironing and measuring and voila. Here are my 14 keyfobs.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beaverific Birthday Present

So my sis got her package so now I can post the super cool beaver pouch I made for her. Now, let me just say I got the idea from something I saw on etsy, but it was a robot beaver and I wanted more of a kawaii beaver. So I drew this little guy out and set to work. The (stupid) vinyl was the flimsy kind and of course kept sticking to my sewing machine, aaarrrgghhh!

Anyhooo, it turned out awesome and although I think it completely looks like I made it, I just got an email from my sis asking where I bought it!! Obviously, that made me feel great! :)

So here is the glorious beaverific pouch of beaverdom!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

An Okinawan Specialty

Okinawa has many many Mexican restaurants. I am guessing that is how one of my favorite local dishes came about. When you first hear "taco rice" you may think "Eeewww" what is that....
Let me tell you, it is simply DELICIOUS! A dish not many have heard of, but most who have LOVE it! So I will share my version of the Okinawan treat known as Taco Rice.

Most restaurants here serve it with a ground beef taco seasoned meat, but I don't care for beef all that much so I use chicken.

You will need cooked white (or brown) rice.

Lettuce shredded or chopped up.

1 packet taco seasoning

Cheddar or Mexican cheese.(I prefer the Mexican blend from Sargento)

ground beef or in this case a few chicken breasts.

I have a rice cooker, so I start that 1st. If you don't have one just make plain rice as per the directions on the package.

Then I cut up the chicken breasts and brown it in a pan with salt and pepper.

This next step is optional, but my family prefers it this way, I take either a chopper or a masher and grind up the chicken. It is then almost the consistency or ground meat. Add the taco seasoning and water as directed.

Now all you have to do is dish out rice into each bowl.

Add the taco meat.

Top with cheese.

Add lettuce.

Voila, TACO RICE!!!


Yummy Japanese Baked Goodies!
Yummy & Cute
Statue on the drive up to Okuma

I feel like I work 3 jobs sometimes. All of you moms out there know what I mean. I am a stay at home/work at home mom.

I spend all day tending to the kids/family's needs, from roughly 7 am until 8pm. Then my"other" job begins. Starting then you can find me on the couch or at my sewing table, crocheting, sewing, planning, drawing, etc. So from about 8pm -12 midnight or later I "work" my 2nd or 3rd job whatever it is. Then off to bed , to restart another hectic day on a few hours of sleep.

Trust me, I vent so I don't lose my sanity, I wouldn't trade what I have and the blesssings of staying home with the kids for anything, sometimes I just need more time for "me" to do my thing. It is totally worth it for me to lose a couple of hours of sleep to do what I love. Art is in my blood, I was born with this NEED to create and so I do.

I will be posting pics of what I made for my sis for her b'day soon, I mailed her package out a few days ago, so as soon as I hear that she got it, you will all see the wonders that I have created for my sis! :) BTW it involves beavers, yeah the animal....what were you thinking? Sicko! Ha ha ha!!!

And few pics of some things I have made this past year...

Star Wars Ninja Bunny
Ninja Peekaboo Bunny
Snake Bunny
(he is presently for sale in my etsy shop)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cutest Shoes Ever!!!

So, we had an "incident" the other day in which some two year old, who shall remain nameless, "soiled" her shoes and they had to be thrown away. So of course we had to go shoe shopping. Now normally back home in the US, we could go to Payless or somewhere with a decent selection of reasonably priced tennis shoes. Not so when you live on a military base in Okinawa. You have the BX/PX and that is it. And the selection of toddler girls shoes is just plain SAD! Not to mention pricey. So we went off base for the shoe shopping.

Usually I can find her a cute pair at the "bunny store" by Araha beach. This time however there were many boy styles and few girly ones in her size. Although I did score HUGE on clothes! They are clearing out all of their summer clothes, even though it is still steamy here, and I got 2 dresses, 5 shirts and 2 pants for about $30. Woohoo!!!

So off to the Birthday store. May I just say I LOVE the Birthday store. Not only did I find her 2 of the cutest embroidered pairs of jeans for 500 Yen a piece (roughly $5 each), but we found the SHOES!!!!

There is no way to express how much I love Japanese kids shoes. They are very nicely priced, in this case about $8.50, and they are adorable. These shoes that we purchased are not only adorable, but every time she takes a step they squeak! I know, you are thinking...ANNOYING!! But it really doesn't bother me, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES them. She purposely runs back and forth just to hear her shoes!! I will tell you that we did get some smiles and some strange looks when we ran errands today, most were smiles, but I could see some people cringe at the "squeak, squeak, squeak" as my little angel ran around happy as could be. Okay, here are the cutest shoes!