Friday, September 5, 2008

An Okinawan Specialty

Okinawa has many many Mexican restaurants. I am guessing that is how one of my favorite local dishes came about. When you first hear "taco rice" you may think "Eeewww" what is that....
Let me tell you, it is simply DELICIOUS! A dish not many have heard of, but most who have LOVE it! So I will share my version of the Okinawan treat known as Taco Rice.

Most restaurants here serve it with a ground beef taco seasoned meat, but I don't care for beef all that much so I use chicken.

You will need cooked white (or brown) rice.

Lettuce shredded or chopped up.

1 packet taco seasoning

Cheddar or Mexican cheese.(I prefer the Mexican blend from Sargento)

ground beef or in this case a few chicken breasts.

I have a rice cooker, so I start that 1st. If you don't have one just make plain rice as per the directions on the package.

Then I cut up the chicken breasts and brown it in a pan with salt and pepper.

This next step is optional, but my family prefers it this way, I take either a chopper or a masher and grind up the chicken. It is then almost the consistency or ground meat. Add the taco seasoning and water as directed.

Now all you have to do is dish out rice into each bowl.

Add the taco meat.

Top with cheese.

Add lettuce.

Voila, TACO RICE!!!

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