Friday, September 5, 2008


Yummy Japanese Baked Goodies!
Yummy & Cute
Statue on the drive up to Okuma

I feel like I work 3 jobs sometimes. All of you moms out there know what I mean. I am a stay at home/work at home mom.

I spend all day tending to the kids/family's needs, from roughly 7 am until 8pm. Then my"other" job begins. Starting then you can find me on the couch or at my sewing table, crocheting, sewing, planning, drawing, etc. So from about 8pm -12 midnight or later I "work" my 2nd or 3rd job whatever it is. Then off to bed , to restart another hectic day on a few hours of sleep.

Trust me, I vent so I don't lose my sanity, I wouldn't trade what I have and the blesssings of staying home with the kids for anything, sometimes I just need more time for "me" to do my thing. It is totally worth it for me to lose a couple of hours of sleep to do what I love. Art is in my blood, I was born with this NEED to create and so I do.

I will be posting pics of what I made for my sis for her b'day soon, I mailed her package out a few days ago, so as soon as I hear that she got it, you will all see the wonders that I have created for my sis! :) BTW it involves beavers, yeah the animal....what were you thinking? Sicko! Ha ha ha!!!

And few pics of some things I have made this past year...

Star Wars Ninja Bunny
Ninja Peekaboo Bunny
Snake Bunny
(he is presently for sale in my etsy shop)

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