Saturday, September 13, 2008

Huge Response to The Office Quilt

So, I posted my Office Quilt on and the response was HUGE! Everyone loved it! YAY! I still have the stencils and hope they are still useable. I had made one zipper pouch with dwight on it from a leftover block from the quilt and am now thinking maybe I should do more to put in my etsy shop. I think it would be a super cool idea and it would spread the office love! Ha ha ha!!
On another note, the stinky BX still hasn't gotten Season 4 of The Offcie in yet even though it came out a week or 2 ago! Talk about making me suffer!!!! I NEED IT!!!!!! Hee hee hee
Well, off to work on more crafty stuff, I should be posting pics of some bunnies I made from a pattern someone posted on of these super cute bunnies. Hubby & I call them chicken bunnies, cause their buns & thighs look like chickens!!
Keep checking back for more updates and hopefully after Market Day Sept 27th, I will have more things added to my etsy shop!

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