Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mooshie Bunny

I got this cute little pattern here for free and made one bunny for a birthday gift and the other went to my daughter who was hovering the whole time I was sewing! On the second bunny I decided to spruce up the belly a bit because the fabric I had used, while nice and fuzzy, seemed too plain. So I cut a hole in the belly of the bunny and put the striped fabric behind the hole and stitched it up.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mouse in a Tin (Recycled)

I saw on pinterest that there was a pattern for sale to make a mouse in an altoids tin. The pattern looked really cute, but I can usually eyeball something and not need a pattern. So here is my version of a Mouse in a Tin.

Start with you altoids tin.

Cut felt to fit inside the top and bottom of the tin and glue it in place.

Make a cute mouse out of felt and fabric scraps.

Make a top blanket and glue it to the bottom of the tin so it won't fall out. Then make a small pillow out of a fabric scrap.

Sleepy mousy.

Inside of tin.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Pallet Garden is GROWING!!

Lettuce & Broccoli. Sadly the Oklahoma winds tore one whole bunch of lettuce right out of the box.

Tomatoes & Cauliflower both grown from seeds. :)

Broccoli & Lettuce.



Everything pictured here was grown from seeds! I cannot wait until it is time to harvest!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Above Ground Gardens Made from Pallets

My amazing husband humored me when I asked him to grab up some discarded pallets. He was skeptical of my visions of pallet gardens. But once I showed him a few ideas on Pinterest, he ran with it and came up with his own version of a pallet garden. I must say he did a super fantastically amazing job putting these together and even went above and beyond by adding solar lights! :) Here are some "instructions", it really isn't difficult. You just cover one side of the pallet with wood to create a bottom, box in the sides with more wood to create a box and then seal the wood.
Et voila, pallet garden!

Cover the "bottom" with wood, he used one solid piece but for the next ones he said he may use planks.

 Cover each side with a plank of wood to create a "box".

 Find cheap/free labor to paint them up  for you. Just be sure not use oil based stains that could taint the soil.

We arranged them on different heights of bricks for a "fancy" look. :) 

Here they are ready to be filled with soil. 

All done and with added bonus solar lights!