Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meeting Jack Bauer (in Okinawa)

So tonight was girls night out. The usual, Cocok's (pedicures) and dinner, or so we thought. Little did we know we would meet the famous Jack Bauer in Okinawa, of all places!

As we sat down to dinner, I noticed a table of drunken locals right behind a small seperation. Ordering bottles of sake. So, around the partition peeks a drunken guy, and he smiles and says, "Hi, Sorry! Sorry!". His friend also keeps repeating "sorry" , and telling him in Japanese to stop it.

So a little later, we hear all of this laughing coming from behind us, and realize that Mr. Peek-around the partition, has taken off his shirt and is proceding to unbuckle his belt! I was laughing so hard I almost fell over!! So his friend, again, peeks over and says "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" And proceeded to direct him to redress himself.

By this time we are all laughing so hard tears are streaming from our eyes! So a little more time passes and he peeks around and asks "How old?" So Jenn tells him 28, and his friend tells us that he is 45. Mr. Drunk and friendly then says "No, no, no, I'm 39!" And his friend laughs and says "No!".

So then he tells us his name is "Matsuko?" and then he says "I'm Jack Bauer". This is the point where I couldn't stop laughing! So we keep calling him "Jack Bauer" and he is hamming it up! So I asked Amanda for her camera and snapped a bunch of pics and took a video of our encounter with "Jack Bauer".

So now we will never forget the night we all met "Jack Bauer" in Okinawa!!

To "meet" Jack Bauer yourself check out this link to Youtube!


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