Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New stuff for my etsy shop

I have really taken a liking to my new sewing machine. I got it in Feb of this year, cause my old one crapped out. But it has tons of stitches and sews through layers very nicely. So I have been able to sew more, and it has been enjoyable. My old machine used to bunch up stitches on the underside of anything I was sewing and get jammed and all kinds of other lovely things! :P

Anyway, about a month ago I ordered some keyfob hardware. My main intention was to make a going away present for my friend, which was to consist of a purse, matching zipper pouch and keyfob. So after I made hers, I wanted a keyfob too. And then I thought, I have all this REALLY kawaii Japanese fabric, I could make some really cute ones to sell in my shop! So here are my newest fobs and also a peek at the purse set I made for my friend.

SOLD!!! Kuromi

Brunch & Lunch Sanrio Pups

I almost forgot, I am doing a swap of The Office (american version) themed items! So look for super cool Office stuff in about a week or so, I'm sure it will also make it onto craftster!! I am working mostly Dwight, Michael & Jim items, all my fave characters!

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