Saturday, August 23, 2008

Market Day

Okay, so today was Market Day at the community center and I had told my hubby I was taking the rest of the summer off from Market Day to restock and catch my breath, well....

My friend asked me to please come and just bring whatever I had so we could chat and so off to Market Day I went.

So glad I went. It appears everyone is back from summer vacation and I actually sold about half my stock and also got 6 special orders. Plus yesterday I got special orders for Christmas gifts. I am gonna be a busy busy beav!!

I am also in the process of testing a crochet pattern for someone and will display the finished product here in about a week. :)

My biggest special order was 2 baby quilts, which I am excited about because I haven't been quilting in a while.

I have to go, monkey is into my yarn cabinet! Go figure!

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