Friday, August 8, 2008

My blogging has begun

Hello friends and strangers!

I have been posting numerous times on craftster, opened an etsy shop (http://www.multibeavo.etsy/) and been lurking on numerous crafter's blogs. I figured it was time to start sharing . Plus, it is fun to share new things from Okinawa that maybe not everyone has experienced.

I will be posting all of my craft, sewing and crochet projects here for all to see. And hopefully some patterns soon. I have been bogged down lately with gifts for family and friends and haven't had much time to work on anything else, although I am involved in what I think will be a super awesome personal swap with sewnikki on craftster and I can't wait to post my finished swap items. I am very proud of them!

This blog will also include anecdotes and random blurbs from my daily life. I have much to share and hope you will visit often to see what I have been up to.

The above picture is of my newest pedicure from Cocok's here in Okinawa. I took in a picture that I printed off the web, and Yuki did a spectacular job of replicating Kuromi in miniature form.

Thanks for stopping by.

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