Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally Found Some Time to Crochet!!! YAY!

I desperately need (want) to make some really nice gifts for the kids' teachers and for family. Finding the time to do this has been challenging lately.  I have to have the kids' teacher gifts done by atleast mid November before the movers pack us out and all of my lovely yarn has been sent on its way.  But between the kids having multiple days off of school and just life in general, time has not been on my side.  But I was able to sit down and crochet 2 really nice scarves this week.  The first one is made from some very thin fuzzy yarn (mohair or something like that, I scored a GIANT cone of it from the thrift store) and the second is made from an acrylic/wool blend.  The second smelled not so great and the packaging actually said that it might have an odd smell. But I soaked the scarf in the washer with snuggle and now it smells wonderful! Anyway, here are my 2 scarves. I plan on making as many of the 1st scarf that I can from the giant cone of loveliness. Plus I want to keep one for me cause it is so soft and beautiful!! :)

Thanks to my awesome son for modeling. I told him I would cut his head out of the pics if he wanted, but he said he didn't mind. :) 

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