Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Benimo (Okinawan Sweet Potato)

B's class went on a field trip to the sweet potato farm.  They got to go out and dig up as many as they could fit in their bags.  She had quite a few, her bag was too heavy for her to carry. I didn't want to waste them so I tried some different ways to cook them.

The benimo look like normal potatoes, but when you cut them open they reveal a gorgeous deep purple inside. The Okinawans use them to make ice cream, tarts & sweets. 

 I tried at first to fry some, like french fries. That didn't go so well. They were just kind of blah.  So I cubed and boiled some.  Then I mashed them with some butter and a bit of salt. YUMMY!!

What they look like after just being dug up.

I peeled these.

Peeled and cut open to show color.

Water after boiling benimo.

Steaming benimo hot off the stove.

Mashed with butter & salt.

Mashed again.

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