Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Crochet Project

I have been way busy with family and friends and haven't had much time to crochet or sew. (Also I may be considered a facebook addict, but who's counting?)
I have a HUGE list of patterns that I want to make. I have no idea what I am doing with them when they are finished. Selling, gift giving, saving for Christmas gifts...Not sure. But they are patterns that I have been dying to try.

So I started this cute monkey pattern. I LOVE monkeys. Plus I have more yarn than one person should EVER own at one time. So, perfect way to destash to make room for more yarn. (*insert evil laugh) :)

This pattern is super easy and although this monkey is HUGE (you'll see). It is working up fairly quickly. 2 nights of crocheting when the kids go to bed and voila, we have a giant monkey head, face and all. I used a barbie for size reference. Please disregard the fact that she is naked and also has an awful haircut. The haircut was done by my sister many years ago, the nudity was caused by Bella's need to undress EVERY doll she gets her hands on. Onto the photos. Here is my work in progress.

Giganto Monkey!

Remember this is JUST the head!


Meghan said...

are monkey and barbie hanging out in the car?

multibeavo said...

Nope, they are in my computer chair! LOL