Monday, April 13, 2009

Nasty Easter

We had the opportunity to try something totally different and super fun this Easter. Our friends included us in their Easter tradition, which we will be sure to continue for years to come. The moms did ALL of the prep work for this, but if we start earlier next year the kids will be able to do most of it themselves, atleast the older kids will. :)

We started by blowing out dozens of eggs. (Try to start early so as not to waste any egg insides).

Make a pin hole in the top and a hole about the size of a quarter in the bottom.

Blow the egg out of the big hole.

Then rinse each egg thoroughly.

Let the eggs completely dry.

Dye the eggs.
I wore rubber gloves and just used food coloring and vinegar.

They will float since they are hollow, so I just rolled them around in the dye while they floated.

Then set them out to dry.

It is VERY important that they be completely dry in order to stuff them.

We used confetti & glitter to stuff the eggs for the kids.

Then we took small squares of tissue paper and used a bit of water to adhere it to the egg covering up the large holes.

Once they were dry, they were sealed and ready for action.

*** The adults also participated and stuffed their eggs with: flour, cinnamon, ground up catfood, funyuns, fritos, etc. Some also filled theirs with whipped cream. Make sure everyone "playing" is willing to get messy!)***

Then we took everyone out into an open field and let them go WILD! It was the most fun I have had on Easter in years! Although, I cannot stand the smell of catfood,and my lovely friend Steph nailed me immediately with a "catfood egg".

Thanks Steph!

Enjoy the pictures of our fun "Nasty" Easter! Our friends are our family while stationed overseas, and we have the best family ever!

Love you guys!

Bella smashed atleast a dozen on HERSELF!!

Look what I did Mom!

Steph's confetti hair!

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