Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bella's Summer Hairdo

So summer time is awesome in Okinawa. This will most likely be our last summer in Okinawa, and so we are taking full advantage of the gorgeous beaches while we can. Well, not only is it ridiculously hot in the summer here, but each and EVERY time we hit the beach Bella proceeds to throw sand into her OWN hair and rub it in. Also, I have had it with me putting her hair in barrettes and ponytails only to have it ripped out moments later. So off we went to Miss Stephanie's wonderful salon and after a few tears, a sucker and some coaxing from Mamy and Me-April, she got the CUTEST haircut ever! It definitely fits her feisty personality. We probably had about 6 inches cut off, so it is a huge change! Here is my summer ready Bella girl!

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