Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easy Cat Bed

So I was trying to find a sewing pattern to make Miss Leia a cat bed and I came across this really easy super cool idea. All you have to do is take a sweater, sew the arms together and down the sides of the sweater. Then you stuff it (I used scraps of fleece from other projects and other scraps I had lying around) and sew the two opening ups and voila.....Instant cat bed. I had one old sweater in my closet and so I sewed it up and surprisingly Miss Leia LOVES it! I set it on top of the art cart, right near where I sit to use the computer. So she can sleep right by me. :) Here are some pics of her enjoying her new bed. Side note, it took maybe 30-40 minutes total to finish this cat bed. Not bad...

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