Sunday, August 29, 2010

Handmade Iron Maiden Lunch Bag

One of my son's Iron Maiden shirts ripped, so I told him to keep it and I would make something out of it.

It has been sitting in my craft closet for months.

 School is about to start and he wants me to pack him a bento for lunch.

He has a double bento and a tupperware for a salad, so it is too much to fit in the bags that are supposed to hold bento boxes.

Plus he didn't really like any of the bags he saw.

Mom to the rescue!!

He now has a new lunch bag made from the old Iron Maiden shirt!



Meghan said...

very cool. it is bigger than i imagined! how much food does a 13 year old boy eat? nevermind, i am afraid to know the answer.

Nikki Paige Photography said...

Thanks Meghan. It is bigger than I wanted to make it, it was a stretch using that front of the tshirt, but it had to be big enough to hold it all. Plus a bottle of water or drink too. And he eats ALOT and is so skinny! LOL He took taco rice, carrots & dip,a brownie and a salad. Atleast is was mostly healthy. That is why we are packing lunches this year. The school lunches are not only gross, but the nutritional value is pretty much 0! :P