Monday, July 12, 2010

Preschool Souvenirs

It began a few months ago.  I would pick my daughter up from school.  Now and then she would dig into her uniform pocket as we pulled out of the school parking lot and present me with a most precious gift, a rock. It has pretty much become a daily ritual, one which I have come to treasure.  She misses me so much that she finds me "gifts" at school. How thoughtful! So each day as we arrive home, I pull out a small jar and place my treasures inside.

Today's ride home was a tad unusual. Here is the conversation from today's trip. 
 "Get in your seat and buckle up",  I said to her as we pulled away from the curb. 
"But, I've got something for you", she replied.  
 "Okay, give me the rock and then BUCKLE UP", I answered back. 
 "I found you a dead bug Mommy" was what I heard next.
 "What?!" I squeaked as I whipped my head around to see. 
 "It's in my pocket. I'll get it for you." she said excitedly.
"In your pocket? You have a DEAD BUG  in your pocket?" I said in disbelief, although I knew it was true.
 This child LOVES to touch bugs!

"I found it on the playground, but I DIDN'T show my teacher." she said as she fumbled in her pocket.
"Here you go Mom." she said as she forced her cupped hand at me. At this point, I was still driving, so I quickly grabbed my "junk" bin from between the seats, "Put it in here."
After digging in her pocket many times, she produced a beetle in approximately 4 pieces and about 6 rocks.

 A short discussion followed about how we should probably NOT put dead bugs into our pockets.
I think there will likely be many more that make their way home in her pockets. :)

C'est la vie!

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Bursts of Bubbles said...

Its not so nice for you but how sweet of her to think you'd appreciate this battered bug even though its dead.

You have such a great blog, I can't wait to read more of your posts :)