Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preschool Necessities

So I took B's list for preschool to the store and showed it to an employee. It was a drawing of an eye (sleep) mask with some kanji written by it.  He proceeded to direct me to the craft section and point to the elastic. Hmmm..... Just the elastic. So I gathered from the drawings and the fact that I was directed toward supplies that I was supposed MAKE her mask & the pouch to keep it in, plus the cup bag and the jump rope bag.  I took B to the San A and let her pick from the kawaii fabrics.  She chose cute little bunnies. So here is what she got. :)

Cup bag

Mask & Pouch

Mask in pouch

the pouch


Stephanie said...

Dude, you're gonna have to write her name in Japanese once you figure out how. I just copied it off of some little notes from school after his first day. Just thought you might want to know. They won't know what "Bella" says if it's written in English. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. She did a good job picking out the fabric.

Nikki Paige Photography said...

Thanks Steph, I know! I need something with her name on it. But I figure, they will know it is English, so it has to be one of the few American kids! LOL I will find out next week when school officially starts, I guess. :)

Nikki Paige Photography said...

And I agree, I LOVE the fabric!!