Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tube Sock Snowmen

So my friend's son came home from school with one of these and we just had to make some.  They were used as table decorations at the Christmas party. The one in the middle I decorated because my son decided legos were more important than snowman decorating.  Basically we took a mens tube sock and filled it a bit with rice then used a rubberband to tie it off. Then you add more rice and tie it off again.  Add rice once more and tie it off, then you can fold the top of the sock over to create the hat.  (I was thinking next time we should paint or dye the top black to make the hats stand out.)  We then hot glued the hats around the head to keep them in place and hot glued on all the accessories.  Voila! Tube sock snowman!

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