Friday, March 19, 2010

Glass Blowing in Okinawa

This was a really cool experience. Ryukyu glass began after the war when they used tossed out alcohol/beer bottle from the US base to recycle into new glassware.  We went on a tour and were able to each blow our own glass to take home. We each got a turn to blow our molten glass orb and then shape it into a drinking glass. What an amazing afternoon.



C's finished glass

T's finished glass

Big C's' finished glass

Finished glasses

If you get the chance I highly recommend this tour! :)

Sibling Valentine Love

Topher wrote a haiku for Valentine's Day. It was about Bella. And just about the sweetest , cutest thing I've ever seen!

Little, Sweet
Sharing, Laughing , Playing
A funny little girl.

By: Topher

Sunday, March 7, 2010