Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CHEWY the Monster

So I suddenly had this rush of creativity this evening and I went to work. I didn't even draw this one out! I just started cutting and sewing. Basically I just worked for 3 hours straight making sure he was just right. I am really proud of this guy. He is heavy because he is stuffed firmly and has pellets in his bottom so he sits right. I used fleece, fur fabric, safety eyes, a zipper and a few other odds and ends. I love the color combos on Chewy. And the fact that when you unzip his mouth there is room to store stuff in there. Not a ton of room, but a small bit. He is a one of a kind (OOAK) plush toy by me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Cute Amigurumi Doll

I had the pleasure of testing an amigurumi doll pattern for a fellow crafter/crocheter. She is sweet as can be and her pattern makes this adorable doll. This doll which by the way is now hiding out for a few weeks until my daughter's birthday. You can check out more of her work on her blog

and her shop at

(If you happen to stop by you should also check out my shop)

The pattern is easy to follow and there are plenty of pictures along the way to help you out.

Check back to both of our blogs and shops often as we are both working on new projects, patterns and ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinosaur Boy

I used Owlishy's pattern for a boy in a dinosaur costume.
It turned out so cute!!!
I like to call him Dinoboy!

Purple Fuzzy Monster

Fuzzy purple monster made with Patons Dreams yarn. I brushed his head to make his hair fuzzy. I used Roxycraft's "Chilly" pattern for the body.
He is soft and cuddly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to the 80's.....

I am working on a new crochet pattern for my shop. If you were a child of the 80's, you will LOVE this pattern. I'm not gonna spill the beans just yet, but I am hoping this turns out to be an amazing toy/doll. :)
More to come. Keep checking back!